What’s the Latest?

  • Supercrawl

    On the day before the band’s 3rd birthday, we’re happy to join the ranks of great performers and musicians that this year’s Supercrawl! Come join us on Sept 10th at 12:30pm for all the fun artsy action on the Supercrawl main stage!

  • Skirt Check ft Brownman @ Kincardine!

    We’re very excited to announce that Skirt Check has been invited to again play the Kincardine Music Festival this year, and are elated to announce that joining us on stage for this year’s festival will be acclaimed, award-winning electro-jazz trumpeter Brownman Ali to play with us! Brownman has won many national and international jazz awards […]

  • Welcome Jena!

    We’re stoked to invite Jena Lampman among our ranks to jam with us full time as a proper and true singer. That Chris guy just wasn’t cutting it. Now we’ll have some REAL vocal chops. Looking forward to a new stage in the bands’ development!


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Skirt Check – Great tunes done well!

Skirt Check is a powerful and fun 10 piece horn band from the Hamilton, ON area that defies classification. With a broad array of musical styles and influences, there is no telling what genre will come next in a set.

Populated by local professionals, Skirt Check is a band that regularly debuts new material to keep even regular fans on their toes! A unique blend of originals, B-side covers, and one-hit wonders makes for a show you won't soon forget!